Why You Should Listen To an Audiobook?


My library category is finally updated. It's been a long time since I am not posting anything which is related to books. As for my first book related topic after hiatus is about Audiobook.

Has anyone listened to Audiobook?

I have listened to only four audiobook so far. First one was Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief which I listened around January 2019. Then on February 2019 I listened to Copper of Kingdom. On March 2019 I listened to the Shadow and Bone (which I did not continue 'till finish because the audio book was not good enough, I finished the book with paperback instead) and lastly Daughter of Smoke and Bone - All you can books review by audiobookhoarder.

With my limited experienced on hearing Audiobook, I might say that I fell in love with it after the second book. I thought this was not my thing and second thought that I found that audiobook much more expensive than buy the paperback book. Yeah you know, my native language is not English. So at first I found it hard to concentrate on long narration in English. But then when hearing Copper of Kingdom, I loved it and can concentrate.

Here are some tips for you of why you should listen to Audiobook.


Driving Wild Imagination

By hearing audiobook, I could listen to any different character voices that portrait by a single Narrator. And by hearing different voices I could imagine even more of what the characters did and felt.

When hearing Copper of Kingdom I remember how I portrait the first time Ali meet Nahri again which was sweet but full of hatred. I could portrait it well rather than by reading it (I have read this part before hearing the audio book).

As for the feeling part, I could easily laugh or cry in any particular scenes. I could easily scared or hollow. When hearing Daughter of Smoke and Bone, especially the ending twist, I was angry and sad (I was a bit crying though).

Well it didn't mean that I could not imagine or feel the atmosphere well by just reading it. Yes we can. But for my experienced, I didn't why I was more concentrate and feel them better than reading.

By the way a good audio book for us to imagine and feel needs a good narrator also. If the narrator could not portrait them well, the hearing experience would be not good as well (this happened to me when listening to the Shadow and Bone audiobook - check my goodreads for total review of this book).

Doing Multitasking Activities

Since I didn't have so much time to read and also a snail reader, I found that audiobook is less time consuming. I used to read a book only during my commute time from home to work and vice versa or when I had money to take a sip of a coffee in a cafe near my house.

But after I found the joy of hearing audio book, I could "Read" them while I commute with motorcycle, tidying up my room, nursing my kid at night, eating (without my family around), playing games, and even while I work on of my book box business (designing and so on). But it was not recommended to do it while doing your office work, typing, browsing specific subject, or any other activities that needs extra concentration.

I used to finish my book in a week if I was productive enough. But after knowing audiobook, I could read faster. For example, I could finish Daughter of Smoke and Bones in two days. Yuppp, TWO DAYS which was a progress of me the snail reader. And for your information, I did not use a normal speed mode (1x), but I used 1.5 mode to make it faster. Very less time consuming right?


Learning English Even More

I still read a paperback book though especially when I commute. But sometimes while reading it, I was also listening to the same title at the same time. Apparently it made me more concentrate in reading the book (beside a snail reader, sometimes I could lose concentration while reading :-D).

Once again, because my native language was not English, I could also learn new words and how they were spoken. Well sometimes I found a bit hard when came to specific names. I need to open the book to make sure I didn't hearing them wrong and it made me learning English even more.

That was my experience on listening to the audio books. In the future I will often do so because I already found a cheap legal way to hear them. I know that there are some pro and cons of hearing them.

Some of the bookworm doesn't count it as "reading". But to me it was just the same experience especially for us who didn't have a big amount of time due to job load. But every choice is in you whether to read through audio book or not. The most important thing is keep reading and having fun :)

Sandrine JB

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