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Although it is already Thursday here in Indonesia but It’s not too late for Top 5 Tuesday. You can click the link given of the people who initiated the theme. It will also be fun if you can join also. The theme for Top 5 Tuesday is Top 5 books I want to reread.

I was a person who did not like to reread because I have so many endless TBRs (same as other book worm classic reason I guess). But recently I had the urge to do some rereading once per month. I have started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (you can find my recent review of this book here). See here the list goes.

harry potter 


I have planned on doing all Harry Potter books reading (including Fantastic Beasts). I started just with book number one. And next month I am going to reread the second book of this series. I was not young anymore, but it was so much fun to read a magical young adult book that full of adventure. It felt like I was back in school again. I can’t wait to read my Gryffindor Chamber of Secret edition (lovely red dust jacket, hardcover, and stripes edge).




Warcross was my most favorite book of last year and the its second series “Wildcard” is the book that I am most expected this year of 2018. Before reading Wildcard, I am planning to do a reread of Warcross. I want to remind myself of how Warcross go before Wildcard. Probably for reread, I will choose the Indonesian Translated version (as a way to compare with its English version), then I am ready for the second book :-*

a court of mist and fury 


Over all the books in A Court of Thorns series that have been released, I loved A Court of Mist and Fury the most. The second book was portrait the true battle of the lead characters. The mixed feeling between Feyre, Rhysand, and other characters were epic (even compare to the war itself in A Court of Wings and Ruin). Definitely my most favorite part is chapter 33. But what I like from this book that the environment of all the scene was wonderfully described. Then, came the plot twist that was unpredictable at all. Ahhh I miss Feysand :-D

strange the dreamer 


Actually I gave this book 3.5 stars last time. I didn’t know why but I felt boring while so many others loved this book so very much. But I am eager to read the next book. So, I plan to read this book once again before the second book. I want to prove that it is worth 3.5 stars from me or can get better. Maybe I didn’t concentrate enough the last time I read it.



Jay Kristoff’s work in Illuminae series are always loveable time to time. This unique series bring a new journey in reading a book. Moreover, its second series, Gemina, attracted me the most the the other books. This Science Fiction book really has Science fact in it, that is very interesting to read. Once again, the plot twist was something that made me fall in love with this one. I have reviewed this one also months ago. Please click here if you want the detail review.

Those are all my version of top 5 books to reread. What are yours? Just leave your comment below.



Sandrine JB

Source of the book covers: Goodreads

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