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Heyho everyone. This is the first time I joined the Top 5 Wednesday #T5W that I saw in goodreads group (click the link and you will go directly to that group). In a way of reactivating my blog again, I want to start it with blogging about book more often including this top five. So without further ado, check this one out.

The measurement of classic for every person and every category is different. But in my point of view, classic can mean 50 or more years ago. Even hundreds. So here are my top five future classics in based on my favorite genre which is fantasy.


Harry PotterI believe some of you will choose J.K Rowling masterpiece. I grew up with this book. The first book is already 21 years old and its first movie will be 17 years this year. I am pretty sure that this book will stand of all time. Those re-publishing with pretty covers are attracted audience especially for young readers who hasn’t been born in my era. Moreover, the characters in the movie will also be the main factor of this story attractiveness. So, for young readers, if this is the first time you know about Harry Potter, you should buy it right away because it is worth to read.



a song of ice and fireWho doesn’t know this series. We knew it with “Game of Thrones”. To be honest, I haven’t read any of this series neither watch the TV show (feel free to mock me :-D :-D :-D xD xD) but don’t get me wrong I collect three pin sized funko of the main characters. Looking at the hype of the stories and characters (even in figurines and any other crafts), this George R.R. Martin masterpiece can be well-known through decades ahead. So I still have years to read it without feeling old.



the hunger gamesKatniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are two characters that people talked back then and still talking about in the present. There are many books in the same genre put this tagline “Perfect for The Hunger Games fan” in their cover. I am one of the lover of this Suzanne Collins’ trilogy. I have read it and watched the movie. Their gimmick in the books and movies are well-known throughout the millennial generation. Don’t forget to mention the fashion that is presented which is epic.




city of bonesAnother book that I haven’t read. Well, I read though but only a few chapter years ago. By seeing how Cassandra Clare’s book has so many editions it means that people love it. Now it has already passed a decade. It can become like Harry Potter especially this series has its own TV show even up until now. Who haven’t read this one? I guess we should and still have time to dig it.



throne of glassIt sounds lame, but I love this series and the author behind it. This one is the newest than the others above, but it has so many faithful readers (including me). Sarah J Maas has its unique writing-style that can hypnotized their readers even make them faithfully waiting for her next book related to this series. You should try to read this one though :-).


Those are all my version of 5 top future classics. What are yours? Just leave your comment below.

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  1. I see THG and HP on everyone's list this week, I guess we all can agree that they really deserve the "classic" title! :)