I have watched Inkheart, last night. And what i got?? Disappointment of the film. The film is not as good as the book. It's not as pure as the book. Too many scene on the book was compiled in one scene on the film.

But, i did not blame the film also. "Based on the book" does not always mean "Adopted from the book". Am i right?

Well i like the ending. On the book, Resa still could not speak, but in this film everything is back to normal. On the book, the end of the story, a lil bit part of Tintenherz world went to human world, but in this film, everything back to where they were. Well i guess i can accept that.But i like Brendan Fraser in here (o.. i fall into him since The Mummy,, -- very handsome). Unlike his former film "Journey To The Center of The Earth" -- which he looked very old in that, okey actually he is 41 this year -- his appearance in this movie were younger than his former movie -- but dont compare it with the mummy, of course in the mummy he was lot younger though. He looked very handsome in this movie, but less father figure :bigsmile: -- because in this movie he was a father who tried to safe his only daughter. Unlike the mummy which he had that father figure -- which i know in real life he is a father too.


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